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Email Recording & Monitoring - Monitor and Record Emails

Instantly record emails without anyone knowing. You can now record sent and received emails on any computer. Works with all popular email platforms.

Instant Message Recording - Record Instant Messages

Record and save both sender and recipient sides of instant messaging. Use the Alert Word system to notify you when a specific term is used in a conversation.

Keystroke Logging & Key Logger - Record Every Keystroke

Record each and every keystroke that is made. Our key logger software will allow you to see applications that were used, what was being typed and by who.

Website Monitoring & Blocking - Moniter Internet Activity

Monitor activity on the internet by recording every website visit. Get the ability to remotely monitor all website activity from anywhere as well as block certain websites.

Monitor From Anywhere - Remote Computer Monitoring

Monitor any computer activity and access all recorded data from any computer with internet connection. Remote computer monitoring allows you successful surveillance at all times.

Content Filtering - Filter Content

Filter intenet content with our Alert Word system. This will scan all of the recorded data and highlight specific terms that are important to you.

Take Screenshots - Record & Save Screenshots

Get the ability to see everything recorded on a different computer from your screen. You can view screenshots from anywhere in real-time.

Completely Invisible - No Trace Of Software

Our software runs invisibly once it is installed on a computer. Users will not be aware that their computer is being monitored. There are no traces of the software anywhere on the computer system.


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