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WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software records keystrokes & more.
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WebWatcher Keystroke Logger
WebWatcher's keystroke logger outperforms all other keylogger monitoring software programs on the market. Web filtering software, or keyloggers, are often referred to as computer monitoring software but it shouldn't be labeled as such! The WebWatcher monitoring software records every keystroke made on a host computer so you know what application was used, what was typed, and who was typing it. Even if a document is never even saved, WebWatcher still records it. No matter how quickly the typist types, nothing will be missed. Best of all, WebWatcher's keylogger has a unique ability to auto-format what was typed into a human-readable format, removing the extra "backspaces" and "deletes" that can make the output extremely readable as compared to competing software and hardware that can be clumsy and very difficult to use.

WebWatcher is designed to capture alphanumeric keystrokes. As well, with our proprietary "Alert Word" system, you can have our software filter for specific keywords and phrases of your choosing. Never again will you be left to sift through mountains of data to find just an instance or two of someone's name or activity coming up, but you will constantly have useful information filtered to your request(s).

Key strokes are saved and organized by date, time, and by what program / application was used. With just a few clicks in WebWatcher's keystroke logger, you can get the information you need quickly and easily, and from anywhere in the world!

Our Key Logger even works when a user is offline. WebWatcher records keystrokes, and when the computer is back online, the recorded information gets sent to you.

Even documents that are protected by the most advanced encryption can be captured by WebWatcher's Key Logger.

See how WebWatcher's Key Logger works in our free Test Drive.

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