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WebWatcher Computer Monitoring Software monitors email & more.
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Email Monitoring & Recording - Email Monitoring Software | WebWatcher
WebWatcher Email Monitoring Software
With WebWatcher's powerful Email Recording technology, every email that is sent or received on a computer is automatically recorded and saved for you to view at any time!

WebWatcher's email monitoring software is able to report whether an email was sent or received, who the sender was, who the receiver was, the date and time an email was sent or received, the subject, the contents, and even if there were any attachments to the email. While there are many other email monitoring programs may do some of this, only WebWatcher has all of these features available to you in one easy to use remote keystroke logger.

Unlike most email keylogger programs that are compatible with only a select few number of email programs, WebWatcher works with all of the most popular email platforms, including web based email. WebWatcher can capture all emails in Outlook, Outlook Express, AOL Webmail, Hotmail, Yahoo! Webmail, and more, all the while letting you have remote access to this information everywhere you go!

WebWatcher is designed to work how you want it to. It was created to give you the flexibility to monitor every email, or view only those containing Alert Words (our proprietary system that lets you filter for specific keywords or phrases). With Alert Words enabled, WebWatcher will alert you to the presence of emails containing the words you've chosen and ensure that these emails are brought to your attention right away. This means that less time is spent searching through harmless email and more time is spent zeroing in on the information you want.

WebWatcher's email monitoring software will even take screenshots of emails that contain your alert words. This means you won't ever have to search through a pile of mundane emails to find the ones that demand your attention if you don't want to. WebWatcher automatically scans emails for the information you want so you don't have to spend time searching through mountains of data.

No other email recording system comes close to the power and flexibility of WebWatcher, but don't take our word for it, read 3rd party reviews.

See how WebWatcher's Email Recorder works in our free Test Drive, and as always, if you have any questions, use our LiveChat feature to get a quick answer!

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