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Tips on How to Deal with Cyberbullying
June 17th, 2011

5 Essential Parenting Tips from experts who know
1. Make sure your kids know cyberbullying is wrong and why.

It is critical to frame how harmful cyberbulling can actually be. Parents should communicate and encourage their children to understand the perils of posting cruel information online and what how it is not the best way to handle a situation. Children “also tend to think that what happens digitally ‘doesn’t count’ and that digital abuse doesn’t hurt.”

2. Take an interest in your kids’ online behavior.
Today, children are far more tech savvy then their parents and it shows. Parents need to spend some time getting familiar with the new “playground,” the new “colloquialisms” of the new social world that their children are beginning to spend so much time in. Parents should get involved in their children’s online behavior: “make sure your kids know how you expect them to behave toward others online; ask them how they communicate with their friends digitally.”

 3. Check school policies on cyberbullying.
“Contact your child’s teacher or a school social worker or administrator and find out whether there is an official policy on cyberbullying. If there is one, read it and discuss it with your kids. If there isn’t a written policy in place, ask about how cyberbullying is handled and whether there are any plans to create an official policy.”

4. Set guidelines about cell-phone usage.
“Many parents give their kids cell phones, so they can stay in closer contact with them. But that’s typically not the reason kids want cell phones. Rather, kids use them to surf the Web, send text messages to friends, update their social-networking status, and share pictures and videos.

5. Use Parental Monitoring Software
Parental monitoring software like WebWatcher, and WebWatcher Mobile can help ensure that cyberbullying on your child’s PC is a non-issue. Check out this short video clip for more details:

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