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Teach Your Kids How To Be Safe On Their Cellphones & The Internet
October 19th, 2010

Sexting Isn’t Just Something Kids Do

Sexting or other ways of sending sexual explicit pictures on the internet is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in America. As the use and instances of cell phones and computers becomes more common, so do the instances of sexually explicit material being distributed and received. This is a sincere problem for our children and the use of key logger programs or what people might refer to as spyware should be stressed as necessary for each and every home computer. While the buzz about this topic often refers to children or teenagers sending in messages to one another, it is sadly becoming a big problem with adults as well.

A recent case that every parent (but really, everyone – period) should read about in order to make sure they take steps to secure their home computers and especially, their children from potential threats.

Marion, Ohio – Prosecutor recommends 3 years probation for youth softball coach pleading guilty to sexting 13-year-old

As terrified as any parent would be to have this happen to your child, how do you know it isn’t? Do you use key logger programs to survey what is done on your home computers? In this case, Samuel Reed, age 38, was found guilty of importuning – a 5th degree felony in the state – after texting one of his 13 year old players sexually explicit messages. It was said that there were probably well over 100 messages sent before the girl and her mother contacted the authorities about receiving inappropriate texts.

It’s truly shocking how easy it is for an adult to do this kind of activity. Only through teaching our children awareness about how to deal with sexual messages on their cell phone or the internet, as well as utilize key logger programs or other types of spyware to maintain security on the home computers, can we start to imagine a sense of comfort for the youth of America.

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Protect Your Home Computer From Sexting & Inappropriate Internet Messaging
October 17th, 2010

Sexting Scandal Involving Even Government Officials

Sexting and the sending or receiving of inappropriate sexual internet messaging is a growing problem with our techno-savvy world. What once seemed like a problem between children and teenagers is even becoming an ever present force with our adult population. Only through awareness education about what should be considered inappropriate messaging to send and receive, as well as, the use of a key logger, or what others might call computer spy software, can we protect everyone from this digital threat.

A recent horror that is coming to light in Madison Wis. is the catching of Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz “sexting” with a domestic abuse victim he was on the case of. The governor of the state, Jim Doyle (who has a long career serving as no-nonsense prosecutor defending victims) is now dealing with the issue, and trying to use the rarely used state law that gives the governor power to remove district attorneys with just cause. Reports say Kratz, who sent a strangulation victim over 30 text messages in 3 days, contacted the victim soon after their first interaction. With text messages saying wildly inappropriate things, as well as suggestions that he might reduce the sentence of the victim’s assailant if she didn’t comply with request, the situation quickly spiraled out of control.

With the ease in which you can message someone on their cell phone, this type of interaction is what I fear will only become more common. Becoming aware of what is happening around you is important, because sexting over phones or the internet is rapidly becoming an everyday problem for children and adults alike. Cell phones can be hard to monitor but make sure you at least protect yourself by using a key logger or computer spy software on your home computer. You can defend yourself against digital threats and the possibility that there already is inappropriate material already existing on your computer.

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Timeline of U.S. Child Protection Laws
October 3rd, 2010

A Brief Timeline Of US Laws Attempting To Protect Children

With the instances of sending sexual pictures or messages on the web becoming greater and greater each day, what exactly is our government doing about it? The US has extremely strict anti-child pornography laws in place, but it is questionable as to whether or not they truly protect our children on the web. The only way to be sure of what your son or daughter is doing on the internet is to take action with the use of remote computer monitoring software, or key logger. The usage of this type of computer program is the only way to make sure of what your child is doing online and whether or not your computer has child pornography on it or not.

Here is a timeline of the laws currently in place:

February 1996 – Communications Decency Act: makes it a crime to display indecent material on the internet in a manner available to children under the age of 18. This law was a good attempt but it is criticized as being too vague and broad. The Supreme Court then in 1997 declares this law unconstitutional.

October 1998 – Children’s Online Protection Act: Establishes fines up to $50,000 for placing material that is “harmful to minors” within the easy reach of kids on the internet. However, this law has never gone into effect because the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia struck it down twice, on both broad and fairly narrow grounds. Then, a later ruling on June 29, 2004 by the Supreme Court said that the law likely violates the First Amendment (this was after considering the case 3 times).

October 1998 - Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act: this law requires commercial Web sites that are aimed at children to obtain parental permission before collecting personal information, such as names, addresses, phone numbers or Social Security numbers, from children under the age of 13.

2000 - Children’s Internet Protection Act: this law required schools and libraries to install internet filtering as a condition of federal funding. On May 31, 2002, a panel of federal appeals judges ruled the law violates the First Amendment and would restrict substantial amounts of protected speech. In the end it was reinstated on appeal to the Supreme Court in 2003.

As you can see, there are many hurdles to trying to pass laws which protect our children. The use of remote computer monitoring software, or key logger software doesn’t have as many hurdles associated with it though, making it a desirable choice for parents across America.

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How Serious Is Sexting? Internet Monitoring
October 1st, 2010

How Serious Is Sexting? A History Of, & Review Of Current Affairs

Sexting is a serious problem with today’s youth of America. Not only is it dangerous for them emotionally, but with strict US anti-child pornography laws, a quick way to turn a seemingly harmless act into a lifetime of trouble. One of the few defenses to this inappropriate behavior is the implication and use of internet monitoring software, or to be more technical, a keystroke logger. With their use, you will be able to monitor and review what happens on any computer around the house and know exactly when and if your home computer is turning in a nesting ground for child pornography.

The first time the portmanteau, “sexting” (a combination of sex and texting) was published was in a 2005 article for the Sunday Telegraph Magazine. It has since spread worldwide to any country with internet and cell phones, and has particularly become a widely reported problem in the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia. Since 2005, more than a dozen cases worldwide have come to trial, and the number is only increasing. We can’t let our children fall prey to thinking this type of behavior has no harm intended, but need to educate them in order to avoid it and ignore attempts at being involved.

In recent times, things are only getting worse. With many cases springing up and even the former U.S. Secretary of Education, William J. Bennett, writing an op-ed for FoxNews.com about the occurrence and need for security against digital threats like sexting and sextortion, there is no end in sight. Some states have even rallied to start training programs to combat this problem like Illinois. The State Board of Education has teamed up with Attorney General Lisa Madigan in order to start training program to educate teachers on how to tell if their children are participating in these behaviors and how to keep their children safe online. Hopefully other institutions around the states will start to follow suit and start using a keystroke logger or internet monitoring software to protect their schools.

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What Is Sexting? Parental Control Software
September 27th, 2010

What Is Sexting?

Sexting is the newest wave of social interactions that our children are involved in. Sexting, a clever mix of sex and texting, is exactly what you would imagine it to be; sexually explicit photographs or messages being sent between primarily, (but not limited to) mobile phones. With the convergence of technology in today’s age, this means that almost every single one of our children can be involved. Almost every kid has a cell phone today, it is practical and provides safety, yet has increasing caveats to unlimited use. As well, even cell phones themselves have become extremely advanced, allowing most children to have access and ability to send or receive email. This means that your home computer is just as likely to be a nesting ground for child pornography as anywhere else.

What is there to do? Luckily, the convergence of cell phones and email might be one of the saving graces in the end. The use of parental control software, like a keylogger, can provide you with instant and constant surveillance over what is being sent or received from a home computer. With the ability to view their emails, and even IM chats, you can be sure be in the know as to whether your son or daughter is participating in or being the victim of, sexting.

Sexting is serious business! The laws in the US about anti-child pornography are extremely strict. It is not uncommon of teenagers to be tried as adults or to end up being guilty of extremely serious crimes like distribution or possession of child pornography, which will follow them around for the rest of their lives; couple that with guilty parties also being listed in public records as sex offenders, it can be years until you are able to live a normal life again.

Get involved to make sure your son or daughter doesn’t end up thinking that what they are doing is harmless, because it isn’t. Start using a keylogger today and clear any doubts to whether or not your computer has child pornography on it.

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Conflict Free Way To Learn About Your Child Computer Monitoring
September 25th, 2010

The Conflict Free Way To Learn About Your Child

It’s hard for a parent to get to know their child sometimes. They can be very resistant to opening up to you while developing, especially in their teenage years. Also, trying to pressure them into talking to you or spending time with you can often lead to hostility, conflict, or even downright fighting. However, this shouldn’t stop a parent from trying to be involved with their son or daughter. That’s why we have created the ultimate computer monitoring software to facilitate your relationship with your child. Our parental control software is so powerful that you will be able to record every IM chat (both sides of it), email they send, everything they type into a document, and even every website they visit and for how long they stay there.

Right now you are probably wondering, well, this sounds pretty effective, but won’t my son or daughter know they are being monitored? Nope! Our software is so powerful that you can record everything they do without them ever raising an eyebrow in your direction. After you install our software, you won’t find any traces of it existing on your computer in the Process List, the Registry, Add/Remove Programs, System Tray, or even the Desktop! This means that not only will you be able to get more involved with what your child is doing and/or going through, but you will be able to cut out the aggression. Our computer monitoring software also lets you create a detailed, “Alert Word” system that will allow you to create keywords which you want red flagged if used. Some parents are concerned with their child fighting or stealing, and others just want to know when they hang out with a certain named problem-child; regardless of what it is you want to look out for, you will be able to do it!

Our parental control software is capable of even monitoring any computer 100% remotely. What does this mean? This means that you can install our professional grade software on your son or daughters laptop and know what they are doing from anywhere in the world. If they are planning a trip to Europe, or even taking their laptop over to a friend’s house to spend the night, you can be sure that you will still be able to know what they are doing and limit their web browsing ability with our comprehensive filter!

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Stealth Keyloggers Can Find Out Who Your Son Or Daughter Is Dating
September 8th, 2010

How to find out if your son or daughter is dating with our stealth keyloggers program

Using remote spyware programs penetrates your child’s tight-lipped behavior

If your son or daughter is secretive about their social life, you can easily break down the barriers of communication by using our remote spyware program on your home computer. WebWatcher’s computer monitoring programs utilize stealth keyloggers so you can secretly find out essential information about your teenage son or daughter.

If you’ve ever asked your child or children whether or not they are dating and got a non-response or evasive answer, then consider using WebWatcher’s remote spyware program on either your desktop or their laptop. Pre-teens and teenagers usually have a right to be dating their peers from school, as long they are doing it safely. Find out whether your young offspring is engaging in the common dating ritual by monitoring their instant messaging, e-mail and social media activity.

Even if you have your own Facebook or MySpace account, these social networking sites have more rigid privacy settings that can make it difficult to see what is going on with your child’s account. The privacy options are now so advanced that Facebook and MySpace users can block specific people from seeing their photos, wall and information. The days of basic “private” or “public” profiles are no more.

Advancements in such privacy settings are more often that not for the benefit and safety of your child and their friends. However, the rapid evolution of such social networking sites as Facebook can pose greater challenges for parents who are trying to track their children’s online activities.

By utilizing WebWatcher’s Internet monitoring software, parents can bypass the technological barriers social media websites present. Our stealth keyloggers record everything that your child says or does online—whether it’s in a chat room, on their profile page or someone else’s, in e-mail or through some other messaging service. Even if your son or daughter just pays a visit to their own online profile, our computer monitoring software can take a screen shot of what they’re looking at, whether or not they made any changes or took any action at all.

If your child has blocked you from seeing their profile, these remote spyware programs can find out their dating “status,” what they’re looking for and who they’re chatting with most often. By knowing who your son or daughter is dating, you can bring them informed and important guidance that may protect them when they’re not in a virtual world or you can’t be there yourself.

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How To Keylog Someone: A Guide To Monitoring Activity On Your Computer
August 30th, 2010

How to decisively monitor your child’s online activity by using keylogger software

And how to avoid the inconvenience of spying in other, less useful ways

WebWatcher’s computer monitoring software, or “remote spyware program” as it’s often more commonly known, offers technologically advanced solutions for any parent looking to connect with their child and learn more about their activities on the Internet. These highly advanced features, including keylogger capabilities, offline monitoring and recording, are designed to be accessed by anyone, from the most experienced computer user to the most unfamiliar techno-phobe. 

Today, businesses, companies, parents and people who are generally concerned about their loved ones utilize the keylogger software and recording features. This highly accurate and easy-to-use software was originally developed for use by law enforcement agencies all over the United States. The invisibility module even developed by former programmers from the National Security Agency (NSA).

Despite the impressive origins of WebWatcher’s computer monitoring software, there’s nothing daunting about using these unrivaled and useful programs. All it takes to start keylogging someone using the computer you are interesting in monitoring are these easy steps:

  1. Purchase the WebWatcher software, download it to your computer or have it shipped to your home or office.
  2. Install the programs on to the computer for which you want to see the activity.
  3. Let the software run and invisibly record all the goings-on of the computer you are monitoring.
  4. Receive all the recorded activity in your online account.
  5. View this recorded information from anywhere you are with your online account.
  6. Get notified when certain words you deem important, known as “alert words,” are used during chats, e-mails or other correspondence that takes place on the computer in question.
  7. Block websites and website categories based on your specific preferences.

Even if you’ve never taken a screenshot on a computer before, took part in an online chat room, or had an instant messenger account of your own, you can monitor anyone’s activities when they’re on your computer or one on which you’ve installed WebWatcher.

Some parents have been known to be so desperate to catch a glimpse of their child’s online habits that they have created fake screen names and other social media accounts just to connect with them. In certain situations, this can be a very bad idea, for both the parent and child or children involved.

 Parents have the right to monitor the online activity of their son or daughter without having to put on a difficult, time-consuming and inconvenient charade. Posing as someone else, or inventing a fictional person, in order for a chance to see what your child is doing online is not only a challenging task to take on, it is also nowhere near as accurate and proven a method as the WebWatcher keylogger software. 

The keylogger software captures anything and everything typed on the keyboard, even it has been deleted or created while offline. There’s no chance you’ll get this detailed a view into your child’s life when pretending to be one of their friends online.

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How To Monitor Computer Activity & Why You Want To Do It
August 10th, 2010

Computers are a brilliant invention of our society that has a full gamut of abilities – some helpful and some time wasting or trouble making. While there are many terms for generic spyware, our computer monitoring software shouldn’t be lumped into that category. Our keylogger is a premiere computer program that is meant to record any and all computer usage without the host computer ever having any knowledge of what is happening. With 100% guaranteed invisibility, you can rest assured that any needs or wants to monitor a computer can finally be pursued guilt free because you will be the only person that ever knows.

Our invisibility module was developed to be the ultimate defense towards monitoring detection. Once installed, our keystroke logger provides no reflection of being installed on a computer. There are no files in the Registry, Programs List, Process List, System Tray, Desktop, or even Add/Remove Programs. You will also be able to monitor, review, and even add/remove websites viewing permission on the fly from anywhere in the world!

If you have ever wondered if and why you would want to do this, there are numerous reasons. Perhaps your husband or wife’s computer use tends to be a curious subject matter and you are looking for insight into what they are doing, or maybe you are a concerned parent looking to do the same for their child. Either way, our program has everything you want, and isn’t some generic piece of spyware. Don’t sit in the dark with your significant other of children anymore but become an active and aware presence in their life. Let the people you care about feel like you are involved and stop wondering who or what they are looking for on the computer that you can’t offer.

With features like WebWatcherNow has, there is nothing that you won’t be in tune with. It takes screens shots, records all keystrokes and shows it in easy to read transcripts, can effortless block websites displaying only generic error messages that the user can’t decipher, and even uses our proprietary “Alert Word” system in order to filter information. Use active keywords or phrases to tell our system what to scan for. Maybe there is a certain name, place, event, or subject matter that you are trying to look out for. Not only can you now be on top of it, but you can be sure that when reviewing any monitored activity, it will be easy to sort based on your query.

Get in the “know” now with our software. Read more on our website today and buy now!

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How To Catch A Cheating Boyfriend
July 30th, 2010

How To Catch A Suspected Boyfriend

No one wants to doubt their boyfriend, but sometimes your right and need to be aware of what is going on in your relationship is more important than your guilty feelings of doubt. With our professional keylogger software, you can get all the perks of the best computer monitoring software out there, without any fears of getting caught. Often people look for the best spyware software, but are left with either male-ware or spy software that’s worse. This is why we developed software with ex-NSA programmers that is precise, invisible, and can be accessed remotely from another computer anywhere in the world!

The reason our program is so perfect is for two very specific reasons:

  1. It can scan, record, and filter E-mails, IM chats and websites visited
  2. It is 100% completely invisible to the user

Our program is the best at what it does. As far as spy software goes, they are a dime a dozen. However, our keylogger will record every keystroke made and present it to you in format that is easy to read, and will even display things that are deleted. As well, with our proprietary “Alert Word” filtering, you can filter emails, websites and IM chats for names, places, events, days of the week, or anything else that you have a hint or suspicion about. Our software will take screenshots of emails and IMs that have target keywords in them, and our website filtering is so advanced that you can block websites you know are suspect, or simply filter on the fly by content and/or Alert Words. Did we mention you can do all of this from anywhere in the world? Users viewing web pages that are blocked are informed with a generic error message that leaves them only confused, but not questioning that anything is going wrong or that you had any involvement whatsoever.

With ex-NSA programmers at our side, we really have been able to develop the invisible computer monitoring software. Unlike other spy software, our invisibility module shows no records or traces of installation or of monitoring activity. Our keylogger doesn’t appear in the Process List, System Tray, Task Manager, Desktop, or in Add/Remove programs, as well as it leaves zero files to be found in the Registry. We guarantee its invisibility so don’t wait any longer to start being informed.

Learn more about the capabilities of our premiere software today and buy your copy now at WebWatcherNow.com!

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