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How Many Email Accounts Does Your Child Have?
May 6th, 2011

Lightspeed Research found that “68% of teens have accepted a friend request from a stranger.” A rather daunting statistic and that is just their Facebook account. In addition to duplicate Facebook accounts, another parental concern is the multiple email accounts that parents typically have no idea existed. In some cases, to hide some of their seedy online behavior, kids can have 3 to 4 email accounts or screen names all from different domains. Even more unnerving is that many teenagers lie or overstate their age when signing up for a Facebook account. The Facebook policy states that you need to be at least 13 or older to actually create an account; however, there is no way to actually prove your age when creating an account.

Teens overstating their age on Facebook put themselves at risk, potentially allowing them to meet older individuals who may have intentions of causing them harm. Additionally, teens may post up lewd pictures that they often don’t realize could lead to very harmful results, i.e. damaging both their online and offline reputation. “A survey of 2,000 parents and teenagers by TRUSTe and Lightspeed Research found that 80% of the teenagers surveyed reported that they use privacy settings to hide content from certain people, including their parents.” Today, there are parental control software options that may offer parents some peace of mind.  With such software on the market today, parents have the luxury of keeping an eye on their children and taking a quick glimpse into their children’s social networking sites, emails, chats, and other online activities, to make sure that this kind of behavior doesn’t occur.

Awareness Technologies Chief Strategy Officer, Ron Penna, comments “I’ve had many discussions with customers who came to find out after installing our software that the account that their child had “friended” them with was a dummy account and not the one that was actually being used, and that without our software, WebWatcher, they would have never known.”

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