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Teen Sexting Driven By Peer Pressure
October 7th, 2011

Technology today has truly forced teens to grow up faster than generations before. Now cell phones allow teens to access all kinds of information and send it via text message to a myriad of people. Sexting and Sextortian are on the rise and may have become issues linked to peer pressure. (CBS) – reported that According to the University of Melbourne, researchers interviewed 33 young people between the ages of 15 and 20 years old and found:

- A highly sexualized media culture bombarded young people with sexualized images and created pressure to engage in sexting.

- There’s pressure that boys place on each other to have girls’ photos on their phones and computers. The young people surveyed said if boys refrained from engaging in the activity they were labeled ‘gay’ or could be ostracized from the peer group?

- Both genders talked about the pressure girls experienced from boyfriends or strangers to reciprocate on exchanging sexual images?

- Some young women talked about the expectation (or more subtle pressure) to be involved in sexting, simply as a result of having viewed images of girls they know?

Although only 15 boys and 18 girls were interviewed for this study, the findings are still disturbing nonetheless.

The study reaffirms that ‘sexting’ is not only a growing trend, but one likely to stay for a while, and influence young adults’ exposure to inappropriate images. These startling statistics should encourage parents to maintain open lines of communications with their children. It is also imperative for parents to stress and “to address the negative consequences of sexting for young people,” said Shelley Walker from the Primary Care Research Unit in the Department of General Practice at the University of Melbourne who worked on the study.

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