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How To Keylog Someone: A Guide To Monitoring Activity On Your Computer
August 30th, 2010

How to decisively monitor your child’s online activity by using keylogger software

And how to avoid the inconvenience of spying in other, less useful ways

WebWatcher’s computer monitoring software, or “remote spyware program” as it’s often more commonly known, offers technologically advanced solutions for any parent looking to connect with their child and learn more about their activities on the Internet. These highly advanced features, including keylogger capabilities, offline monitoring and recording, are designed to be accessed by anyone, from the most experienced computer user to the most unfamiliar techno-phobe. 

Today, businesses, companies, parents and people who are generally concerned about their loved ones utilize the keylogger software and recording features. This highly accurate and easy-to-use software was originally developed for use by law enforcement agencies all over the United States. The invisibility module even developed by former programmers from the National Security Agency (NSA).

Despite the impressive origins of WebWatcher’s computer monitoring software, there’s nothing daunting about using these unrivaled and useful programs. All it takes to start keylogging someone using the computer you are interesting in monitoring are these easy steps:

  1. Purchase the WebWatcher software, download it to your computer or have it shipped to your home or office.
  2. Install the programs on to the computer for which you want to see the activity.
  3. Let the software run and invisibly record all the goings-on of the computer you are monitoring.
  4. Receive all the recorded activity in your online account.
  5. View this recorded information from anywhere you are with your online account.
  6. Get notified when certain words you deem important, known as “alert words,” are used during chats, e-mails or other correspondence that takes place on the computer in question.
  7. Block websites and website categories based on your specific preferences.

Even if you’ve never taken a screenshot on a computer before, took part in an online chat room, or had an instant messenger account of your own, you can monitor anyone’s activities when they’re on your computer or one on which you’ve installed WebWatcher.

Some parents have been known to be so desperate to catch a glimpse of their child’s online habits that they have created fake screen names and other social media accounts just to connect with them. In certain situations, this can be a very bad idea, for both the parent and child or children involved.

 Parents have the right to monitor the online activity of their son or daughter without having to put on a difficult, time-consuming and inconvenient charade. Posing as someone else, or inventing a fictional person, in order for a chance to see what your child is doing online is not only a challenging task to take on, it is also nowhere near as accurate and proven a method as the WebWatcher keylogger software. 

The keylogger software captures anything and everything typed on the keyboard, even it has been deleted or created while offline. There’s no chance you’ll get this detailed a view into your child’s life when pretending to be one of their friends online.

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Miss Mexico Inadvertently Alludes To How Computer Monitoring Software Helps Parents
August 24th, 2010

The new Miss Universe 2010 unknowingly alludes to how computer monitoring software helps parents during final question

Miss Mexico, now recently crowned Miss Universe, addresses unsupervised Internet use

When Jimena Navarrete, known to the world as Miss Mexico, had 30 seconds to answer her final question during the Miss Universe competition on Monday, August 23, her response echoed the emotions of many parents, teachers and other people who use enlist the help of computer monitoring software. Like all the other contestants in this worldwide contest, Miss Mexico drew her dreaded final question from a hat, and she was faced with this query: “What effect is unsupervised Internet use having on today’s youth?” Instead of addressing what behaviors modern children and teens are actually exhibiting as a result of their Internet use, Miss Mexico said (through the help of a translator), “I do believe that the Internet is an indispensable, necessary tool for the present time. We must be sure to teach them the values that we learned as a family.” She also said that we must be careful and watch over what our children and teenagers watch and see.

Unknowingly, Miss Mexico invoked the concerns of parents across the planet. The idea of teaching young people how to “use the Internet properly” comes up against many obstacles. Thankfully, there are now ways to help “watch over what our children watch.” With computer monitoring software, parents can not only see exactly what their children see while they’re using the Internet, they can also block unwanted visits to potentially dangerous websites, like chat rooms or other age-inappropriate sites.

Useful keylogger software records every stroke made on the computer where your parental monitoring software is installed. The keylogger component of computer monitoring software is helpful tool when trying to supervise your child’s Internet use because even if the words or characters they type are deleted or never sent, they will still be recorded and sent to you for review.

When Miss Mexico said that parents must be responsible for being sure that children are learning “the values that we learned as a family,” she touched on a universal issue for families all over the world, regardless of what country they come from. Supervising your children’s Internet use should be as intuitive for a parent as knowing who they are playing with after school, or what film they are going to see at the movie theater. While Miss Mexico’s response may have avoided the topic of exhibited effects of unsupervised Internet use, her sentiment reflected what should already be common practice—teaching children how to implement the important values of every day life to the virtual sphere of the web. Computer monitoring software can help provide that link for parents ready to comply.

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How To Invisibly Monitor Another Computer
August 15th, 2010

When trying to gather information, sometimes it is necessary to monitor another computer. Whether it is significant other, employee, or even child, our keystroke recorder is the best way to monitor another computer and see everything that is happening on it. What some people generically label computer spy software, we recognize that our software isn’t to be lumped into this category. Our keylogger is the ultimate assimilation of computer programming and ease of use that can offer you everything you need to know, exactly how it is happening on a computer.

What others would call spyware, we call the quintessential monitoring application. Our software was developed by ex-NSA programmers to ensure that monitoring and recording happens 100% invisibly. Once installed, our software leaves no traces in the Registry, Process List, Add/Remove Programs, Desktop, System Tray or anywhere else! With complete anonymity, you can be sure that while you are recording every Word/Excel document, instant message chat, email, or websites visited, they won’t ever know what is going on nor have any way to trace it back to you!

It is necessary in certain circumstances to have the ability to be informed about what is happening on a computer. While other computer spy software might be bulky, complicated, or hard to review materials in, our system can do all of these things with ease and do it remotely! With our proprietary “Alert Word” system, you can prioritize certain keywords or phrases that you think are suspect, and our software will specifically filter for them. Whether you know of a certain activity, day of the week, person’s name, or something else building notoriety, you can be sure that our keystroke recorder will gather any and all information having to do with it. With easy to read transcripts, prioritized by your Alert Words, you can even see anything that was deleted and re-written, in an easy to read format. Whether your suspicions lie in IM chats, emails or even websites, our system will take screen shots and record everything typed to ensure you have all the information possible. Our website filter can even block websites on the fly allowing you to ban certain sites from view while the person only receives generic error messages that they won’t be able to decipher, or have any clue you had anything to do with.

There’s nothing wrong with needing more information at times. In fact, we strongly believe that a lot of problems and concerns could be handled more appropriately if you are aware of them more clearly. That’s why we developed our keylogger and we hope you read more and buy directly from our website!

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3 Easy Tips To Keep Your Kids Safer On The Internet
August 12th, 2010

The best way to get your kids to be more safe on the Internet is to be open and communicative about the dangers of the Internet and why it is important to be safe. Teach them about the unforeseeable in regards to who they might be talking to and what might be the end result if they accidentally run into an Internet scam. Also, of course, teach them that the best tip of all safe Internet usage is consulting their Mom or Dad before use or if they run into something questionable. If using a keylogger, or what others might call computer spy software, there are great advantages that you have over others who don’t. These types of software like the one we have developed at WebWatcherNow are the premiere ways to stay aware and to protect your children from the follies of the Internet.

All that withstanding, here are the 3 most important tips to helping your kids stay safe on the Internet:

  1. Instruct them that strangers they meet on the Internet are every bit (if not more) dangerous than strangers they meet out in public. Safety and awareness of whom you are talking to is of the utmost importance on the Internet. Even if someone seems extremely friendly or even if they are pretending to be someone you know, be wary of who to trust.
  2. Never install foreign programs. Make sure that you explain to your son or daughter the volume of phishing attempts and scams that take place on the Internet and how easy it can be to fall for one of them. Help them try to understand the dangers of installing foreign software on their computer even if it seems like it is coming from a trusted or friendly website.
  3. Never give out personal information. Similar to phishing, there are many type of emails, instant message, or website attempts to get you to give out personal information. Try and help your child understand that any information blindly given out over the Internet is open to almost anyone to see, and can easily be used against you. Information, especially like your phone number, address, or any banking information, is what is most likely to be targeted. Regardless of how sincere the attempts seem, only ever give out information with your parent’s supervision.

If you remember these tips and use a keylogger that is a cut above the basic computer spy software like ours, you will quickly realize that you can’t even place our software in the same category as other remote spy software programs. Start protecting your children today and order our product directly from the website at WebWatcherNow.com!

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Keystroke Recorder Features & How They Protect Your Kids
August 10th, 2010

Protecting your kids from the computer and Internet is as necessary a task to raising children in today’s age as anything. That’s why the professionals at WebWatcherNow have developed the premiere keystroke recorder program to let you have more ability to protect and a better understanding of what your son or daughter is doing on the Internet and what your son or daughter might be thinking.

Each and everyone of our features is designed to facilitate and enhance your ability to protect your child more than the average pc spy software by doing all of the following:

Read every email – letting you read all emails they send or receive can offer great insight into what your child is doing, what they are planning to do, and what they are thinking. This information sometimes can help you intercept them before they execute an idea, or better yet, give you ideas on what to communicate to your child about to foster a healthier relationship.

See every Instant Message or Chat – giving you access to all of their IM conversations can be of a great help. Similar to email, this information can give you insight into what your son or daughter is thinking about, letting you get more involved in what is happening in their life. As well, IM is prone to cyber bullying, giving you assuredness that your child won’t fall victim or participate in activities without you being aware and able to stop it.

See every webpage and how long they were there – giving records of the websites they visited and how long they were there for can be of great help towards protecting your kids. Be aware if your child is visiting inappropriate websites or if they are simply spending way too much time each day on social networking websites.

Block access to inappropriate websites – with the ability to block access to websites (even remotely and on the fly) you can be sure that when you leave your son or daughter alone at home they won’t be spending all that time going to websites they wouldn’t try with you around.

Capture every single keystroke – leaving no stone unturned, our key logger captures everything done on the computer. With no information left behind, you can and will become the expert on your kids and what is going on in their lives!

Limit access to software programs – having the ability to block certain programs or set schedules for use, you can be sure that your kids are only doing things on the computer you want them to. Don’t worry about coming home late from work to see that Billy has been sitting on a computer game since the moment he got home, because it won’t happen anymore.

Take screenshots – with even screenshots being taken, nothing will be unseen by your monitoring efforts, even graphics and videos viewed! Know exactly what your son or daughter has been looking at and watching on the computer and feel more secure about what they are doing.

Monitor laptops – having the ability to remotely control our software, you can monitor a laptop regardless of where it is or where it is going. Anywhere in the world you will be able to have monitoring capabilities about what is being done on the computer.

Alert Word system – proprietary filtering that lets you choose keywords and phrases that when used in any of the above forms of communication lets you know immediately, giving you the ability to pre-empt whatever your son or daughter is doing or thinking about doing.

If you still aren’t convinced that we are offering the best keystroke recorder out there, visit our website and let the product do the talking. Buy directly at WebWatcherNow.com!

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How To Monitor Computer Activity & Why You Want To Do It
August 10th, 2010

Computers are a brilliant invention of our society that has a full gamut of abilities – some helpful and some time wasting or trouble making. While there are many terms for generic spyware, our computer monitoring software shouldn’t be lumped into that category. Our keylogger is a premiere computer program that is meant to record any and all computer usage without the host computer ever having any knowledge of what is happening. With 100% guaranteed invisibility, you can rest assured that any needs or wants to monitor a computer can finally be pursued guilt free because you will be the only person that ever knows.

Our invisibility module was developed to be the ultimate defense towards monitoring detection. Once installed, our keystroke logger provides no reflection of being installed on a computer. There are no files in the Registry, Programs List, Process List, System Tray, Desktop, or even Add/Remove Programs. You will also be able to monitor, review, and even add/remove websites viewing permission on the fly from anywhere in the world!

If you have ever wondered if and why you would want to do this, there are numerous reasons. Perhaps your husband or wife’s computer use tends to be a curious subject matter and you are looking for insight into what they are doing, or maybe you are a concerned parent looking to do the same for their child. Either way, our program has everything you want, and isn’t some generic piece of spyware. Don’t sit in the dark with your significant other of children anymore but become an active and aware presence in their life. Let the people you care about feel like you are involved and stop wondering who or what they are looking for on the computer that you can’t offer.

With features like WebWatcherNow has, there is nothing that you won’t be in tune with. It takes screens shots, records all keystrokes and shows it in easy to read transcripts, can effortless block websites displaying only generic error messages that the user can’t decipher, and even uses our proprietary “Alert Word” system in order to filter information. Use active keywords or phrases to tell our system what to scan for. Maybe there is a certain name, place, event, or subject matter that you are trying to look out for. Not only can you now be on top of it, but you can be sure that when reviewing any monitored activity, it will be easy to sort based on your query.

Get in the “know” now with our software. Read more on our website today and buy now!

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The Best Way To Record Instant Message Chats
August 7th, 2010

The best way to record instant message chats is with WebWatcherNow’s premiere computer monitoring software. With our keystroke logger you will be able to record and monitor any and all computer use and have it all viewable to you in easy to read transcripts – even including what was deleted! Our system is also 100% invisible and accessible remotely from any other computer in the world. With ex-NSA programmers developing our invisibility module, you can rest assure that there is no traceable evidence back to you. Nothing on the computer reveals that there is any specific software running in the background of the host computer so the user will be left completely unaware.

Instant message chats are a wave of the future that has some pretty big unknowns. To begin with, it’s incredibly easy to keep records of IM chats nonexistent, or even to delete them at a few clicks of a button. This means that IM chats are a hotbed of activity that would be better monitored. Whether you are a parent curious about who and what your child is talking about, an employer who has dozens of employees idly chatting on IM all day, or even a computer classroom where you want to keep the focus on the work, our key logger will be able to present you with all the information you need.

While many people use a generic term spyware to refer to various (sometimes malicious) types of monitoring software, don’t let yourself be fooled that we fall into that category. Our computer monitoring software is the best in the world and there’s a reason for that! The software will record any and all IM chats sent/received, even if the records were deleted, and even show information they typed and then deleted. Also our proprietary developed “Alert Word” system allows you to filter for information based on words or phrases you give! Whether you know some suspect words or phrases or even names of people, you will be able to effortlessly filter for them and have all reviewed materials be sorted based on that priority. No more fears or need to sift through mountains of IM chat conversations because with our keystroke logger you will have all the information in an easy to read and informative package.

Check out our website today and buy our software directly!

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How To Monitor The Internet & Why You Want To Do It
August 4th, 2010

Many people use the generic term spyware to refer to computer monitoring software. However, our keystroke recorder shouldn’t be lumped together with those other guys. Our key logger is the best at monitoring what is going on at a computer remotely, while having complete invisibility to the computer user. If you have ever wondered if you were in need of this type of software, let’s break down some of the most common Internet applications and who could benefit from having it.

To begin with, our monitoring software can record any and all Internet activity. Whether it is email, instant messages, websites or more, our keystroke recorder will log all activity and present it in easy to read transcripts for you to review. Our system can work on a proprietary “Alert Word” filter, meaning that you can plug in suspect information into our system, and it will continually queue relevant information based on your priorities so that you aren’t just sifting through endless amounts of useless information. Our Alert Words are so thorough that you can even block websites on the fly with it, letting the viewer only see a generic error message when they try to access target websites.

Now that you see the strengths and power of our computer monitoring software, perhaps it is time to break down why you might want to use this. One of the biggest areas of use is in the home. Parents can use this software not only to protect their children from the dangers of the Internet, but also to gain great insights into their child’s life. You can start learning more than ever about your child because you will know exactly what they are thinking and trying to do. Maybe it’s time to have a certain talk, or maybe you just know your child is struggling with something and trying to look elsewhere for help when you know that a parent could provide the best assistance but they are too embarrassed to ask. You can also even install our keystroke recorder on a laptop and be able to monitor it remotely as it travels anywhere in the world! Take comfort knowing that wherever they go, you can be right there looking over their shoulder!

Don’t forget that unlike most spyware, our key logger is 100% invisible. Using ex-NSA programmers to develop our premiere invisibility module, you can rest assure that there is no way anyone will trace the monitoring back to you. Once installed our program runs no process, shows no files on the Desktop or anywhere else in the Registry or install folders, letting you be in control without anyone knowing!

Read more on our website and discover all the incredible uses of our keystroke recorder & buy today!

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How To Monitor Another Computer
August 2nd, 2010

How To Successfully Monitor Another Computer

Monitoring another computer can be a tricky thing to do but the reasons for wanting or needing to do so can be endless. That’s why the professionals at WebWatcherNow.com have developed the ultimate keylogger software to ensure that you not only can record everything happening on a computer easily, but do it invisibly with no fear of the user ever having known.

The success of our software relies heavily on the ex-NSA programmer developed invisibility module that lets our software go completely unnoticed on a host computer, meanwhile being able to report on any and all action taken. Once installed, our program shows no files in the Registry, no program to remove in Add/Remove Programs, or even any information on the Desktop, Process List, or System Tray. Take control of a computer and be aware of what is happening without any curiosity about if the user will be aware that their activity is being monitored. Whether a man or woman looking to monitor a significant other’s computer, an employer looking to be aware of what is happening in his workplace or even just a parent who wants more information about what their son or daughter is doing on the computer and the Internet, our program can handle all of your monitoring needs.

While many people refer to keylogger software as computer spy software, our keystroke logger isn’t to be labeled so acutely. Our program can record any and all activity on the computer, letting you view screen shots, easy to read text transcripts (including what was deleted), and even let you filter for “Alert Words” our proprietary filtering system that lets you cue in on keywords or phrases like names, places, events, days or the week, or any other information that lends suspicion.

Our system is so thorough that we will be able to show you all activity in Word or Excel, all Instant Message logs, all emails, and even all websites visited. With screen shots and transcripts, there won’t be a piece of information you aren’t aware of. With our “Alert Words” you will be able to sift through all the gathered information easily, without feeling a need to read each and every piece of mundane trivia. Our website blocker is so advanced that you will be able to block for content, or even block websites on the fly, giving the user only generic error messages that they won’t know the source of. Let no piece of information go unnoticed with our keylogger software recording for you. Learn more & buy at our website today!

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3 Big Dangers Of Using The Internet
August 2nd, 2010

The biggest 3 dangers of using the Internet typically involve very specific fields. They are (in no particular order) the use of social networking sites, the ease of accessibility to pornography, and the ease of being scammed or having private information phished from your computer. While these three dangers seem fairly daunting at first, with our key logger, you can find solace from them all.

While many people generically label monitoring software as spy software, our program is much more than that. With the ability to filter for “Alert Words” or keywords and phrases that you think are suspect, it is easy to sift through mountains of information to get to the parts you want. This applies to Word/Excel documents, instant message chats, emails and even websites visited, meaning that you will have complete awareness of what someone is doing on the computer. With our website blocker you can even block websites on the fly letting the user only see generic error messages that leave them guessing as to what is going on.

The use of social networking sites can be harmless, but it can also become a big problem if: the person spends too much time on them, they are pursuing intimate interactions, and if they are unsure of whom they are talking to on the other side. Whether children or employees, it is important to note that excessive time spent on social networking sites will only lead to problems. Problems of efficiency or worse!

Pornographic material is so readily available on the Internet that it can be pretty hard to keep someone away from it. That’s why with our program, unlike other spy software, you have complete ability to remotely monitor the host computer from anywhere in the world and even block websites on the fly! Take control of what people around you are doing on the Internet and make sure that it isn’t something inappropriate.

The instances of scams and phishing websites on the Internet are also rising dramatically. You can never be too safe and a lot of scams in today’s day and age are obnoxiously clever and based around misinformation and your level of Internet naiveté. However, with our home keylogger you can be sure to be able to block and stop these types of websites from scamming you or those who you are trying to protect from the Internet.

Regardless of what danger you find most applicable to your situation, our software can be the one that helps! Read more and order directly from our website at WebWatcherNow.com

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