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How To Catch A Cheating Boyfriend
July 30th, 2010

How To Catch A Suspected Boyfriend

No one wants to doubt their boyfriend, but sometimes your right and need to be aware of what is going on in your relationship is more important than your guilty feelings of doubt. With our professional keylogger software, you can get all the perks of the best computer monitoring software out there, without any fears of getting caught. Often people look for the best spyware software, but are left with either male-ware or spy software that’s worse. This is why we developed software with ex-NSA programmers that is precise, invisible, and can be accessed remotely from another computer anywhere in the world!

The reason our program is so perfect is for two very specific reasons:

  1. It can scan, record, and filter E-mails, IM chats and websites visited
  2. It is 100% completely invisible to the user

Our program is the best at what it does. As far as spy software goes, they are a dime a dozen. However, our keylogger will record every keystroke made and present it to you in format that is easy to read, and will even display things that are deleted. As well, with our proprietary “Alert Word” filtering, you can filter emails, websites and IM chats for names, places, events, days of the week, or anything else that you have a hint or suspicion about. Our software will take screenshots of emails and IMs that have target keywords in them, and our website filtering is so advanced that you can block websites you know are suspect, or simply filter on the fly by content and/or Alert Words. Did we mention you can do all of this from anywhere in the world? Users viewing web pages that are blocked are informed with a generic error message that leaves them only confused, but not questioning that anything is going wrong or that you had any involvement whatsoever.

With ex-NSA programmers at our side, we really have been able to develop the invisible computer monitoring software. Unlike other spy software, our invisibility module shows no records or traces of installation or of monitoring activity. Our keylogger doesn’t appear in the Process List, System Tray, Task Manager, Desktop, or in Add/Remove programs, as well as it leaves zero files to be found in the Registry. We guarantee its invisibility so don’t wait any longer to start being informed.

Learn more about the capabilities of our premiere software today and buy your copy now at WebWatcherNow.com!

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How To Monitor My Employees: The Ultimate Corporate Protection
July 30th, 2010

Using a keystroke logger to monitor your company isn’t something you have always had the option to do. In fact, while keylogger programs have existed for some time now, only recently has someone developed one so advanced that it is practical for everyday use in the office. Before our program, monitoring a computer usually was a cumbersome task; you couldn’t view what was recorded remotely, and you didn’t necessarily have a good way to sift through the information – you just literally have everything that happened on the computer. With the genius at WebWatcherNow.com though, we have created the ultimate program to help you protect yourself and your company.

Why is our program able to do this? To begin with, our programmers have created a proprietary “Alert Word” filtering system. This means that you can have our monitoring software filter for specific keywords or phrases. If you wanted to prioritize for certain activities you know shouldn’t be happening at work, or to try and pick up on people talking about leaving work early, you can create a whole battery of phrases you think apply to your company and to your workforce. With our system you will be able to see instances of it appearing in transcripts and in screenshots from all of the Word/Excel documents, websites visited, emails, instant message chats, and video/pictures viewed.

The reason our keystroke logger is the superior answer to corporate monitoring concerns is that unlike our competition, we offer completely remote monitoring. You can monitor your company and what is going on from anywhere in the world. Make updates to Alert Word filters and even block websites on the fly. Perhaps your employees waste a lot of time on Facebook, or just non-work related websites. Regardless of the circumstances you can block any and all websites you deem inappropriate to be viewing at work. The users will only receive generic error messages when you try and access blocked websites, leaving them curious but unsuspecting that they are being monitored.

If you still aren’t sure if this kind of software can help you protect your company, remember that it is a completely stealth keylogger developed by our ex-NSA programmers to be 100% invisible. Your employees won’t have a hint they are being watched and even if they did, they won’t be able to find or remove the keylogger. With nothing left after installation in the Program Files, Registry, System Tray, Desktop, or even Add/Remove Programs, we guarantee your anonymity.

Start protecting your company today with our premiere software! Visit our website to read more or buy directly at WebWatcherNow.com

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How To Choose Monitoring Software
July 28th, 2010

When trying to decide what type of keylogger program to use there are a lot of questions that can come up and about as many generic computer spy software programs to match. What’s different about our key logger though is that it lets you monitor another computer and record every keystroke made remotely! While many keyloggers advertise that they will record any and all strokes made, they don’t always have the ability to let you access this information remotely from anywhere in the world. Comparing software can sometimes be confusing though, so let’s break down the biggest features you would want and how WebWatcherNow does it better than the rest.

First off, our keystroke recorder was developed by ex-NSA programmers to be 100% invisible to detection. This means that once you install it on a host computer, the user won’t ever know that they are being monitored and won’t ever be able to trace things back to you. Our program is so much more sophisticated than generic computer spy software that not only is it invisible to detection, we guarantee that you won’t find any trace of it being installed on a computer in the Registry, System Tray, Add/Remove Programs, Process List or even on the Desktop!

The next great feature of our monitoring software is that it allows you to create “Alert Words”. This is our proprietary system of filtering that lets you create a list of keywords or phrases that you think are suspect information – whether it is names of people, days of the week, activities or locations – and lets you prioritize and filter for them, as well as have screenshots taken when they appear.

With this in place we offer the premiere monitoring software to record what is happening in Word/Excel documents, instant message chats, emails and even website history. Our system will filter for keywords and present everything to you in an easy to read format, even including things that were deleted. Our website blocker is even so advanced that you can have banned sites as well as block websites on the fly from your remote location. The users who run into these blocked websites only see basic error messages that don’t give them a hint of what is going on or that you had anything to do with it.

We know there are a lot of computer spy software programs out there, but we want you to remember that what we offer shouldn’t be labeled the same. With the remote capabilities of our key logger you won’t find anything close to an equal match in ease of use and accessibility of what is being recorded. Read more and buy directly from our website at WebWatcherNow.com!

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Monitor Your Child’s Computer Activity On Social Networks
July 26th, 2010

If you have ever wondered about the effects of leaving your children unsupervised on the Internet for extended periods of time, you have probably also wondered about the effects of spending a lot of that time on a social netwoIrking website. Social networking websites like MySpace & Facebook have become a beacon for adolescent and teen Internet usage and they typically herald any and all sorts of interactions. While some kids using these social networking sites are completely harmless, some use it for bullying, finding boys and girls to engage in sexual activity with, plan inappropriate behavior with groups of friends, or even simply waste countless hours idly – avoiding doing things they should be.

What people don’t always know is that typical computer spy software isn’t anything like the premiere keyloggers software that our company offers. With the ability to remotely access information anywhere, and having an ex-NSA developed 100% invisible to detect software, our program is the best parental control software available. Our product can and will log any and all Word and Excel documents, all instant message chats, all emails, all websites visited, and more! All the while providing you with screenshots, the ability to filter results based on “Alert Words” (custom words or phrases you tell our software to look out for, whether they are names, places, activities, etc.) and even the ability to block websites and just give a generic error message to the user that will leave them baffled and unsuspecting that you had anything to do with it.

Childrens’ computer usage needs to be monitored. With the ease MySpace and Facebook give children the ability to talk to each other, plan activities without parent’s knowledge, or worse, leaving your children to spend hours a day on a social networking website will be the fast track towards giving your kid’s a new set of parents. Our keyloggers will filter and record all the activity happening on social networking websites and much more.

Never again will you wonder what your son or daughter has been doing on MySpace or Facebook for the last 3 hours because you will know! You’ll be in control of deciding whether or not their activity is harmless, or harmful, and get so much more information than you ever could with basic computer spy software. Start living in awareness of what your kids are doing on social networking sites and find a gateway into their thoughts and insight into how to make your relationship with them better. Read more and buy now directly from our website at WebWatcherNow.com!

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How To Catch A Cheating Wife
July 26th, 2010

How To Invisibly Monitor Your Wife’s Computer

No one wants to have to question their wife or their relationship, but sometimes it is necessary to be aware of what is going on with her, and especially, her computer. The experts at WebWatcherNow.com have developed the quintessential key logger software that will let you monitor instant messages, monitor email, and even monitor website history! Our program, not to be confused with average “spyware” that can sometimes be malicious, is the premiere product in the field of monitoring and will exceed any and all expectations you have. Developed by ex-NSA programmers, you can be sure that our software is truly invisible to the computer user. You won’t be able to find anything on the computer, whether in the Process List, System Tray, or elsewhere, that even hints that there is something running on the computer that is recording activity.

Since our program is able to monitor all modes of communication: emails, IM chats, and websites visited; you can be sure that there is no suspect activity you won’t be informed about. All this information is available to you at any computer with internet access as well! You can monitor a computer remotely from anywhere in the world once the untraceable software is installed on the host computer.

Emails and IM chats are especially prone to mischievous activity. With our key logger monitoring software though, you can see e-mails and IM chats recorded in an easy to read format, as well as having them be filtered for any and all keywords and phrases. With our proprietary Alert Word filtering system, our program can scan any e-mail or IM chat for certain names, places, days or whatever else you would want, so that you don’t have to endlessly sift through information to keep tabs on what is going on. Our system will cleverly isolate any and all target conversations and make those the accessible to you from anywhere in the world.

Website browsing is another possibly suspect activity to let go undocumented on a computer. With the ease and access of flirt and hook-up websites, it is easier than ever to have a discreet affair. With our invisible program you can once again have web pages scanned for Alert Words, but also can filter for certain content or block websites on the fly. The computer user will only see a generic error message that they won’t be able get passed, making sure that you and your wife are protected.

Start reading more now and buy our incredible monitoring software today at WebWatcherNow.com!

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How To Catch A Cheating Spouse
July 24th, 2010

In today’s world, sadly, there is a great unknown with a lot of relationships because of the ease of internet and computer use. Everyone has a right to know what is going on in their own life and relationship, which is why the professionals at WebWatcherNow.com have created the ultimate solution – the ultimate keystroke logger. No longer is there a need to sit and wonder what your significant other is doing on the computer because you can know everything.

A keystroke logger is the professional term for what others might call “spyware.” Spyware refers to a battery of various types of programs that are used to monitor computer activity. Our software is malice-free and very easy and effective to use. So easy, you can cover all the questionable areas of activity: email use, websites visited, and IM chats sent/received. While there might be many forms of computer monitoring software out there, we promise you won’t find a more thorough, invisible to detection, and easy to use program.

E-mails are a notorious bed of cheating activity. If you don’t know who your spouse is talking to, how do you know what they are doing, or planning to do? With our software you can see all e-mail usage. You can see screenshots and even have our software use its breakthrough, “Alert Word” technology to scan for relevant keywords or phrases. If you know a suspicious name, place or even event, let your worries rest knowing that our program will be able to trace and pick up any and all references of it without the person ever being aware!

A keystroke logger like ours can also be used to monitor and even block certain websites. Maybe your spouse has a particular habit or interest in hook-up websites, or even just material you don’t want them viewing on the web. Rest assured that we have you covered. Our software can block websites on the fly, with either content or Alert Word filtering, giving only standard error messages to the viewer that they won’t think twice about! Let your spouse have free reign over the computer without any anxiety. You will be in complete control and awareness at all times.

IM chats are a final nesting ground for flirtatious and unnerving inappropriate spousal behavior. Being hard to monitor, and easy to delete records from a remote location, they can be a hard medium to monitor. Luckily, our keystroke logger has you covered. Our program will once again record conversations as well as take screenshots when relevant Alert Words are used.

All of our monitored information is then available for you to view from any location in the world and all filtered based on your requests. You won’t need to sift through tons of useless information, but be able to scan over any and all relevant material. With our ex-NSA programmer’s invisibility module design, this will also all be available to you without the knowledge of the computer user. There are no traceable or viewable records that there is logging software on your computer, so rest assured that nothing will ever come back to you.

Visit our website today and read about the power and utility of our software!

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How To Monitor Your Husband’s Computer
July 23rd, 2010

With the ease of access to the internet and computers in today’s day and age, there is a certain need to be able to be informed and aware of what is going on in your own relationship. WebWatcherNow has devised a fail-proof keylogger system that is designed to let you be in complete control and awareness of what is happening on a computer from anywhere in the world, remotely!

While there are numerous computer monitoring software company’s out there, only ours is so trusted and tested that even law enforcement uses it. With this level of security, you will have complete ability to monitor any and all of the following situations:

Emails – with our software you will be able to have screenshots taken of emails sent, received and/or read on a computer. Not only will you have complete access to view what was happening, we have a targeted keyword system that will let you isolate and filter for specific Alert Words or phrases. If you have a hunch that your husband might be talking to someone whose name you know, let us help you stay on top of what is happening from any other computer.

Websites – perhaps you want to make sure your husband isn’t going to any, “hook-up” websites. Once again, with the ease of communication over the internet, you are allowed to want a certain amount of security and knowledge of what your partner is doing. What other people would call spy software, we consider the most advanced keylogger out there. You can block specific websites from being accessed seamlessly (letting them only receive standard “error messages” when trying to access target sites), or once again use a keyword system. If you have happened to catch a certain name in his phone or elsewhere, you can be sure to keep a look out for that certain someone.

Instant Messaging – one of the hardest and seldom communications to be recorded, our keystroke logger can even help you stay in the loop with any and all instant messages sent or received on your husband’s computer. Let your system take screenshots and filter for keywords, all for you to review later at anytime, from anywhere. There is no system with such complete control via remote access as ours. Whether you use alert words like the names of certain women, or even certain locations or days you think are suspect, WebWatcherNow has all your bases covered.

It is also important to know that our keylogger is 100% invisible. Developed by ex-NSA programmers, our invisibility module is like none other. Once installed on any computer, you have complete remote access without the host computer having anything visible in the Registry, Process List, Task Manager, System Tray, Desktop, or even Add/Remove Programs. Without any visible files to seen, you can rest assured that you can be secure without the other person having a second thought.

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Protect Your Child: Start Monitoring Their Computer Now
July 23rd, 2010

If you have ever wondered if you could protect your child by monitoring their computer, we are here to tell you yes you can! Our invisible keylogger is the premiere computer monitoring software out there and can log and record any and all computer and Internet activity that transpired on a computer it is installed on. Our software is so advanced that our ex-NSA programmers developed it to be 100% undetectable through the host computer. You won’t be able to find any records of it existing on a computer after it is installed at all.

What a keylogger can offer you that you can’t get otherwise is the ability to know what your child is doing, what they might be going through and possibly hint or even directly notify you of what they are planning to do. You can’t beat that level of awareness and protection. Whether your child uses instant message chat, emails, or even websites like social networking ones, we can record and present all that information to you in easy to read chat transcripts that even show what was deleted! Our system even includes a proprietary “Alert Word” feature letting you filter logs based on keywords or phrases like the names of people, places, activities, days of the week and so on. With the ability to log all of this and even take screenshots, there won’t be a piece of IM or email activity that you won’t be in the loop with.

Our computer monitoring software is so advanced that you can even block websites based on content, Alert Words, or even block them on the fly as you monitor them. Computer users who run into blocked websites will only receive generic error messages that they won’t be able to decipher and definitely won’t be able to suspect that they are coming from you. All of this can even be done from anywhere in the world! Our software is so advanced that once installed on a remote computer, you can access it from any other computer you are using, ensuring that no matter where you are, you can protect those you care about.

Whether or not you suspect that your child is up to something dubious, or just whether or not you want to know more about what your child is doing and if you can do anything to protect them, our keylogger promises to delivery what you need. Read more and buy it directly from our website now at WebWatcherNow.com!

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Is My Child Being Cyber Bullied?
July 21st, 2010

Every parent wants their child to feel safe and happy while growing up but that isn’t always something you are directly in control of. With children going to school for most of the day and having friends to then go hang out with, it isn’t always easy to tell what is going on in your child’s life and whether or not they need any help. Bullying in school or in circles of friends is a notorious social activity that not only can affect your child but the entire family unit. However, us here at WebWatcherNow.com have created such an advanced keystroke recorder that you can be sure to have all the information you need about your child and what is going on in their life.

While our keyloggers can easily record everything happening on the computer, there are definitely some general guidelines to be informed about in order to pick up on hints that your child is being bullied. To begin with, big increases or decreases in computer usage are tell-tale signs that something is going on with your child. Whether Billy always used to use the computer and now seems to want nothing to do with it, or went from seldom use to always sitting on MySpace or Facebook, these are the types of clues to start looking for. While cyber bullying can definitely lend itself to instant message and emails chats, usually this type of activity springs from larger social networking websites. Our keystroke recorder is so thorough that you can even monitor based on “Alert Words”, also known as, specific keywords or phrases that you think are suspect. Maybe you know of a certain bully’s name, or a place your child gets bullied, or various other hints at the big picture, but either way our system can help filter and prioritize recorded information in order to present it to you in an easy to read fashion. With our website filtering, you can also even block access to certain websites. Stepping in to provide distance from social networking is a suitable solution to the problem sometimes, and can provide instant relief in other situations.

IMs and Emails can also easily be a place your child gets bullied. Normally, IMs are fairly hard to track down. With little records kept of chatting, or the ease of deleting records saved, they can tend to be a place where a lot of direct interaction happens. Bullying can happen in real time with IMs which is why parental monitoring software can be so helpful. With emails, it is also easy for people to send around chain-mail, easily inflaming the situation with your child. With our system both of these can be filtered and recorded based on Alert Words, and have screenshots taken to provide a complete dialogue of what is going on in your child’s life.

No matter what the situation, don’t let your child’s growing “pains” be too literal. Start using our advanced software to monitor your child’s life and make sure you stop any and all bullying because we know your child is worth it. Visit our website now and buy today!

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How To Learn More About Your Child
July 19th, 2010

Monitoring Software Teaches You About Your Kids

Raising children can be a daunting task as it stands, let alone with all the various marvels of technology and computers now whizzing by with their distractions and pitfalls. That’s why at WebWatcherNow we have created the ultimate computer monitoring software that will let you monitor and record any and all computer activity invisibly and remotely! Our program will not only let you monitor and watch out for what your kids are doing on the Internet, but give you keen insight you may not otherwise necessarily be able to learn. With more understanding and knowledge, watch how our keystroke logger can really add a lot of growth to the relationship you have with your child.

With our software, you will be able to remotely record and monitor any document typed, any instant message sent or received, any email and even any website visited. Our proprietary “Alert Word” system even lets you prioritize filters based on certain keywords or phrases that you get to choose!  If you know some names of people, places, days of the week you are curious about, or even events, you will be able to set up filters that will let you quickly sift through relevant information to help fill in any and all gaps in knowledge you have about your child.

Our computer monitoring software is also so advanced that you can record and save either active forms of communication – instant messages or emails – or even passive communication – like what websites they are browsing. Instant messages and emails are notorious for being easy ways to talk to problem people, or talk about problem activities. With our keystroke logger you won’t ever wonder what your son or daughter is saying and to whom, because we will have all that information for you in an easy to read format. As well, with the ability to take screenshots, you will be able to see any and everything they were doing on the computer while communicating. Our website filter can block sites based on your limitations or even let you monitor and block websites on the fly so that you can be in complete control. Our website blocker simply gives browsers generic error messages that will baffle and leave users curious but unsuspecting!

Developed by ex-NSA programmers, you can be sure that our software is the best parental monitoring software out there. Created to be 100% invisible, even the best tech-kids won’t be able to uncover that their computer is under surveillance. Our program leaves zero traces in the Registry, Desktop, Add/Remove Programs, Process List, or even System Tray meaning that all of your monitoring goes unnoticed and untraceable to them.

Don’t let your child’s life and interests go unnoticed. Keep your relationship with them out of the dark with our premiere software. Visit our website to learn more and start monitoring now!

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