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WebWatcher Testimonials

WebWatcher has proven to be the best monitoring software on the market, but don't take our word for it...

Please read our Testimonials
We consistently receive rave WebWatcher reviews from our customers who use WebWatcher’s computer monitoring software in a variety of ways, all with goal of protecting themselves and the people they care about. Our keystroke logger’s effectiveness coupled with its ease of use make it an ideal solution when you need to monitor the activity on a particular computer.

Frequently featured in the media, WebWatcher reviews indicate high customer satisfaction with a thoughtfully designed product. While there are no WebWatcher complaints about the software’s performance or reliability, our 200,000 users, including 10,000 companies, who have installed our computer monitoring software are often eager to share their positive experiences with us. We think such high praise and favorable feedback speaks for itself.

All I can say is this program rocks big time
Thank You
- I.S.
Denver, CO

Thank you. You saved me a lot of heartache. What I suspected to be true, unfortunately was true. But if I hadn't been able to see it for myself, I would have been taken advantage of even further. So, thank you. I've already recommended you to another friend!
- Paula J.
St. Louis, MO

P.S. The software rocks and served it's purpose! ;)
- L.S.
Boca Raton, FL

I also want to thank you for your wonderful support.
- S.W.
Indianapolis, IN

WebWatcher is definitely unique. It's not a product, its a complete service. I've used monitoring applications in the past and had to worry about dynamic internet addresses, e-mail servers, firewalls, roaming, among so many things that could go wrong. WebWatcher installs without a single question and begins working IMMEDIATELY, and absolutely invisibly - Bypassing my antivirus and all my firewalls! Then as the data comes in you have a well-structured website hosted by Awarenesstech where you view and browse through everything in a way you can understand it, instead of having a collection of unintelligible gibberish on your hard drive and e-mail inbox. It's a great service where I don't have to worry about ANYTHING, and the staff has been 110% there and on top of everything I asked. This is truly a best-in-class service."
- R. Mettia
Cheyenne, WY

Dear Awareness,
After watching an Oprah special on porn addiction I bought your software to see what my husband was doing on the computer. We own a home-based business, so he is at the computer a lot. Your alls WebWatcher showed me nice and tidy that my husband was viewing several hundred pages of adult websites per day. Needless to say he's not doing it anymore. And since I've got your software on the computer, I know he's telling me the truth because I can see everything!

As a side note, the software is great looking, and I love that I can see what's going on on my husband's computer right from my bedroom. Makes things nice and tidy. One of my girlfriends is also using the software now. Do I get a referral fee for that? ;-) Sincerely,
- Tab K.
Cave City, KY

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