When WebWatcher was first released, it took the computer monitoring software industry by storm, quickly establishing itself as the gold standard. Since then WebWatcher has attracted customers from all over the world and racked up a long list of honors and awards from 3rd party websites. All of these awards have helped to cement WebWatcher's reputation as the most powerful, feature rich, and easy-to-use monitoring software available today.
As you'll see below, the most respected software review sites consistenly choose WebWatcher as their top choice for monitoring software. Even the media has become part of the WebWatcher craze, featuring WebWatcher in their exposes on fighting against the potential dangers of the Internet.

Independant testing is the corner stone of any good review site, and as you can see from these sites below, WebWathcer has been put through the ringer, and each time it's come out on top. Read the whole review to see why WebWatcher is considered the best by so many people.
A site that literally built its name on doing exhaustive research before recommending a product, Well Reaserched Reviews offers a side by side comparison of all the major computer monitoring software applications. After a rigorous testing regimen that included taking WebWatcher all over the place to ensure that it really does monitor anytime from anywhere, no matter what, they listed WebWatcher as their First Place winner.

Quote from review:
The best monitoring and filtering software available. Nothing else even comes close. It allows you to monitor a computer from the web so that you donít have to keep checking from the computer youíre monitoring.

Monitoring Software Reviews is an organization that prides itself on being a buyer's advocate. And it was with the customer's needs in mind that after putting all of the top computer monitoring applications through a battery of tests designed to isolate the software's merits, they chose WebWatcher as their Editor's Choice award winner.

Quote from the review:
As the only truly web-based computer activity/Internet monitor, WebWatcher is in a league of its own... WebWatcher also has the rare ability of both effective monitoring and web site blocking.